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forecast. details coming up. >> thank you.áána >> a very close call for a marin county woman getting ready to leave her house this morning here is where the tree crashed through the car port there. is damage to the roof and cars underneath. the woman about to get into the car. the tree fell with, out warning missing her just by two feet. >> i was on the other side of the vehicle. and it came down skpismt got taken out about 30 seconds. and i was out, cold. debris from the roof came down and hit me. >> she checked out okay. >> that is scary. well, wind, rain, high surf making for dangerous conditions on our coastline. abc 7 news is live in pacifica tonight with a look at what's happening near ogsz. john? omí some spectacular waves in progress now.tacular waves in
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you can see how pacifica is. national weather service warning people to stay away from water but some people dangerous waves crashing ot it was time to surf. one guy made it farther out, but never caught a wave. >> waves mairgz today. >> we're trying to imagineuj: what it would be like surfing today. you're probably killing yourself. ñ brutal on land, too. >> people make their living off the sea are not taking risks. crabbers will not head out
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until two more day autos seas go back up, it makes it hard to go in a straight line. just makes it too dangerous to work out there. you can't stop here in weather like this. >> the wind knocked boats loose, the harbor patrol had to go out, tie them back up. at two locations, piles of sand ready and waiting for residents rifing in low areas. hardly anyone showed up but worker works department suspects more people tomorrow after heavier rain blows through. in the st. trancis woods section, pg&e took care of an emergency situation, branches on power lines that run through backyards. >> preaching for us is a year round, we trim 1.2 million truz throughout northern and central california. as rain starts, we'll be out here, continuing to trim.
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>> back live prks national weather service maintained that high surf advisory through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, involving swells of 16 to 19 feet high. the weather service telling people not to fish off jetties or fish off the beaches because they can be dragged into the ocean. flif pacifica, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> a close call for a track driver when a big chunk of roadway gave out underneath the big rig on/aex highway 162. a huge sink hole gave way, swallowing back axel, breaking truck apart. the sheriffs say the driver was not injured and a portion of the highway is closed with people who live in the area rerouted along a dirt road. cal transhopes to have the road passable by tomorrow. >> this big sink hole cruise have been working around the
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clock. now, take a look. 19 days later, the road is repaired. the job done four day as head of schedule that. is the mayor showing his pride!÷ and fast response. >> folks are glad to get that fixed. >> weather played havoc today, here at least 50 flights cancelled on one of the airport's busiest days of the year. arriving flights delayed more than three hours. a foot of snow forced airlines to ground a thousand lights. chicago o'hare and midway airports were worst affected but american airlines and southwest canceling flights to, and from the windy and now, snowy, city. >> another news tonight a 22-year-old woman has been arraigned on being an accessory to the murder of a man. raven chanel dixon was arrested on tuesday on a prostitution charge. while in custody she was
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charged with being an accessory to homicide with gang enhancement. >> this is new. she's just seeingner chains like that come out, this is hard for her family. so just continue to pray for her. and she's scared. you know? so like anyone would be. >> her mom says raven is a single mom with a college student, and at rest is out of the blue. >> bells tolled aross the country today in tribute to victims of newtown, connecticut. bells followed a moment of silence at 9:30 eastern time. the gunman, adam lanza began a rampage. 26 people killed, 20 just children. president obama honored a moment of silence after releasing a tweet saying quote, 20 beautiful children and six
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remarkable adults together we'll carry on and make our country worthy of their memory. >> the national rifle association chose this date to break silence on the connecticut school massacre. the chief expressed condolences to families and then offered his organization's solution to preventing another tragedy like this. and that is to put an armed officer in every school. and he went on to blame gun violence on video games and news media. protestors interrupted him twice before they were hauled away. >> in the bay area, tightening sek -- security in schools is easier said than done. abc 7 news explains the challenges had keeping intruders out.
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>> most uneasy with the i'd yz of guns at school. >> guns at schools bother me. >> but that is what nra is í every school has a police officer to protect children. this is a parent with kids attending oakland schools. he fears students will get the wrong message. >> that you're not safe anywhere. and that the only safety you have comes from outside, someone else willing to wave a gun around. >> oakland unified has a small police force costing millions of dollars. jody london is a school board member. >> i've got 90 schools in oakland, on guard at every school. some campuses are large. how much is that going to cost? >> he agrees it misses a few
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high schools here have yielded results. >> we've had no shootings or gun related incidents since deploying police officers starting four years ago. >> four years ago, richmond high was the scene of a brutal gang he rape. cram asks officers were added. jim roger saz parent and vice mayor of richmond and on the fence. >> advantage would be prapts in cases that when shootings do occur, police officers could respond to it. cuú this has opened up the discussion of how to keep kids safe at schools. >> a man accused of shooting and killing two teen-aged girls in oaklandfhvu appeared in court today. the 18-year-old is accused of killing two girls as they stood on a street corner. he can get the death penalty if convicted. a 19-year-old is antonio
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edwards is charged as accessory to the crime. the parents attended the hearing. >> i will never get over it. person in that courtroom, i wish was dead. >> a lot of people in the community are outraged and i just hope that i can in the future, makehe= it difference u know? reach out to teens. and their parents. >> he now plans to visit schools and talk about impact of violence in his life. >> a new sudden audit found more mystery money in the state department of parks and recreation accounts n july reported state parks sitting on nearly $54 million in two special funds. money there as the department began closing parks because of the state budget cuts. well, now, a new audit found $4 million in a fund for donation was no designated purpose. the audit did not address why the money was never reported.
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>> still to come, online banking comes under attack at several banks. >> last minute shopping could pay off this year, michael finney showing how stores are doing something very different that will save you money. >> and a school principal and two orthodontists team up to put a smile on a south bay boy's face this christmas. the new continues in just one minute.
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deals and extending shopping hours. macy's department stores opened at 7:00 a.m. and will stay open through sunday night. nick smith is live in with more. hi, nick. >> good evening, you know, the traditional 9-5 changed for most people, but retailers getting on board, by using deep discounts and extended hours to lure customers in. but they say that this is for
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convenience of shoppers fchl that mean means giving that best deal may northbound the wee hours of the morning. >>$nd÷ with only four days to , retailers pulling out stops to give bargain hunters and shoppers through their door autos well, today they have really good deals. >> the coupon site retail me not shows 30% of the shoppers are waiting for last minute deals to make big purchases. the macy's at may fair center opened at 7:00 a.m. meaning that holding baby sophia for a christmas photo could be the easiest thing on jant's list. >> this is about people having different schedules. >> this spokesperson says that the last big shopping weekend has appealed to retailers and shoppers and being open through the night seems like a natural step. >> people are on different work schedules and busy lives this, gives them an
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opportunity to come, shop when they need to. >> the idea appealing to marilyn its safer at 3:00 in the morning than it is at 6:00 in the evening. >> location, location, location. >> for samantha, the extended hours makes good dollars and sense. >> more traffic, more people. people going to come out because hours are convenient for them. convenience is important. >> as a perk to coming to the center aroya high school is having a fund-raiser, now, other shopping centers throughout the bay area will also have extended hours meaning many could be shopping for long johns and scarfs before they've had a cup of coffee. >> a securityprsnñ guard punch d face during a scuffle over the new nike air jordans. police took a man into custody for hitting the guard.
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a ravel system implemented to try to control the demand for the new shoes. the sneakers retailed for $185. resellers offering them as much as $820 on ebay. >> wow. >> we want to share a wonderful story how people in the south bayo)shed change a child's life and smile n this season of giving abc 7 news on the very special gift for a 14-year-old boy. >> unlike some patients air, 14-year-old is actually excited about go together dentist. and especially about this appointment. >> i woke up early today. so i was up around 5:00. and stayed uch, since. >> the 8th grader is anxious to get braces off. almost as anxious to get them on. >> i had a thing that people would make fun of me because of my teeth. and how i looked. >> the family has no insurance,
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so doctor randy lye teamed up to provide the dental care for free. his overbite so pronounced it was hard to close hipz lipz together. two mole yarz needed to be removed. >> we had an oral surgeon extract those and close up spaces. now, it's better, he can smile and enjoy life. >> all work, 20 brackets on his teeth and more than two years of treatment comes when sasha's mother is battling brain cancer. the family finding comfort in passion of others. >> i knew there are good people in the world. i didn't know they live sod close to me. >> the story about recognizing generosity of people who rallied to help sasha. one person ke we can't overlook is the school prns pal who took the first step. she is the whoun brought the case to the dental practice, and opened doors for his
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treatment to begin. >> i'll never forget sasha going back to school and running down campus and saying i can't believe this is going happen to me. goitsing to happen. those are the experiences that i will remember forever its so weird. >> now wrkts braces off, the smile and thank yous come from the heart. >> it's a big presence. i don't have words to explain it. >> what is easy to explain is how it's given him new confidence. the principal says he's on the honor#ñ roll and when he graduates in june, his future looks as beautiful as his smile. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> it's been rough going for wells fargo bank customers trying to do online banking this week. the bank web site suffered from intimatent ak se.s it's not from people rushing to the site. wells fargo and four other banks have been targeted by a
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hacker group with denial of service tacks so wells fargomxfñ has suffered the most problems. >> well this, is a bittersweet day for us now. our own don sanchez is retiring after 40 years. abc 7 president bill burton congratulated don on decades of service. don said goodbye to us in the newsroom and did it in typical don fashion. >> you know how i feel about all of you, but i'm still here anyway. but not for much longer. sorry. you know, i am proud to have been here. it's special. and thank you. we'll see you on the aisle. >> such a great run. been yes. a full buck yismt.
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>> i know. >> classiest guys you'll ever meet it is. >> jand patel is here with weather. a break in the rain earlier. >> this is nice to see rain bows. talking about wind and rain. we're going to see the rain easing up a bit. live picture right now, beautiful view of lake tahoe. now, it's snowing in tahoe. truckee, light snow reports. but we do have a winter storm warning up that will be measuring snow in feet. snowboarder asks skiers from our south beach camera. clouds are there. i want to show what it looked like now. the front is weakening and falling. sheer where it's raining. we have radar tracking light
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showers around around canyon. not a lot happening there. there is rainfall around fremont boulevard, mission boulevard. down street level here. looking at santa cruz county we do have light rainfall. san jose starting to pick up light returns. santa clara, burbank, you can see light moisture in the air. chain controls and snow also letting up a bit. temperatures into 50s. 46 degrees in fairfield. rainfall has varied quite a bit. periods of rain tonight. heavy with isolated thunder possibilities. so this is a front stalling out over the bay area. six inches of rain in sonoma county. the behind thei.y have waves of cold, unstable
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air coming through that will result in more rain. computer animation will show you when you'll see that. so just scattered showers, tonight. and you can see more steady rain developing overnight tonight. 3:00 a.m. may see thunderstorms developing. heavy rain certainly between 3:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. starting to shift with this cold front. then, we'll see scattered showers for afternoon. could see rain snow fix just north around lake county area. by saturday evening, rainfall gets high in spots. sunday morning, light rain at 3:00 a.m. picking up a little bit. we'll see moderate to briefly heavy for sunday. and then, by evening it's all done. windows of opportunity, sunday ferng have you last minute shopping to do. north bay mountains up to five inches of rain. two to four for north bay.
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for coastal areas until 4:00 p.m. saturday. wave heights 15-19 feet. now continuing into that range. large breaking waves. so watch out. never turn your backs on waves. two to five feet of snow above 5 thoun feet. visibility below a quarter mile at times. we're seeing chain controls and travel delays. be prepared for severe conditions. 50s. heavy rain is int4é the morn sg watch out. you'll need rain gear, dry on christmas eve. by kmats day, into afternoon more rain returning. showers wednesday, chance of showers thursday.
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chance of rain friday, so hang on to rain gear, be careful out there. windy out there tonight. >> a local mother who lost their children too soon to gun violence get a surprise for the holiday autos and a last minute shopping rush is on, big time. michael finney explains how to get
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[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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few people can relate to the connecticut school tragedy than families of bay area shootingm:ák!tims.$ years of sorrow has not dampened their pain but a dozen mothers of crime victims got a chance to forget for a little whi. they were surprised with a makeover at the marinello beauty school
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this, is more about nails and hair. >> make me feel good. it make me feel beautiful. i mean, people tell me i'm beautiful but i don't feel beautiful. i feel sad on the inside. >> the surprise makeover organized by former perpetrators of violence and united violence prevention group a bay area charity put out a holiday wish list, it's in need of christmas hams. they need to collect 500 hams so it can serve its christmas dinner. it made a similar appeal for turkeys before thanksgiving. st. anthony's serves thousands of meals per day. donations can be dropped off at dining room on golden gate avenue. >> east palo aloe police department asking for help with their toy drive providing 1500 toy buzz they're short.
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you can bring donations to east palo alto city hall until 9:00 a.m. for more information on that drive and others around the bay area go to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. so if have you to pick up something on christmas list grab something. >> still days off to do it. >> yes. >> continuing tonight santa trades in splai for a fire truck. >> what he delivered to kids this rainy day.
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ook coming up at 6:00 chevron shuffle. 800 good paying jobs will be leaving the bay area. >> also... saying goodbye to a legend. a look back at don sanchez's remarkable career here, one of a kind. >> yes. absolutely. >> santa arrived in an ocean beach cafe today.
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>> and. >> this is a stop that become a tradition. the kids get to see santa pull up in a this is "world news." tonight, winter wipeout. millions on the move tonight. will that monstrous storm freeze holiday travelers in their tracks? >> it's frustrating. we're going home. we're not happy. >> blame game. at a fiery press conference, the nra breaks its silence, pointing the finger at the media and at video games. tonight, their solution. noah's flood, now an answer to one of the world's greatest biblical mysteries. and the made in america christmas. the great american company that you helped save. >> made in america!

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